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About Us

ROCKCELL Technology was established in Shenzhen in 2017. We committed to the IOT(Internet of Things) application in the entertainment industry. Our products are controlable lightsticks, light wristband and fanlight. We mainly service for well-known international entertainment companies at home and abroad. We participated in more than a hundred large-scale concerts, design and manufactured fanlight for a lot of korean and Japanese idols, the business grew rapidly.

Our mission is to make entertainment more. ROCKCELL unveils light controlling technology that turns any performance into a light art show with LED lightsticks, wristbands and idol fanlights. We also can achieve this for private event by providing controllable party items. Base on IOT(Internet of Things) IC application design and solution design, we keep integrating executive team and marketing team.

Facing the changes of the world caused by the ultra-high-speed evolution of 5G networks, big data, artificial intelligence, etc., we adhere to the user-oriented philosophy and are immersed in technology research and development to bring new experiences to entertainment users. We keep fighting for become an Internationally renowned technology company.



Internationally renowned technology company


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