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What's so fun about lightsticks?

Characteristic appearance and wireless control lighting effects.

For fans, they are the best souvenir and symbol of belonging.

For entertainment companies, they are the growth point of the idol-effect economy and the carrier of fan data collection.

For sponsors, they are channels to promote the brand.

How far is the control distance?

300 Meters @18dBm

How much can I purchase to get a discounted price?

Small events: 500 ~ 2,000 pcs, need to charge related start-up fee and version fee, no relevant discounts

Medium-sized events: 3,000 ~ 10,000 pcs, no related start-up fee and printed version fee, more preferential

Large events: 10,000 ~ 50,000 pcs, special pricing

Touring events: With more than 5 sessions, including special pricing for execution

The potential of idol fanlight.

"Idol fanlight = Sense of belonging", "Fanlight support = Fandom power", a deep-rooted concept of fandom.

The instillation of the idea of "Idol fanlight = Sense of belonging" for fans is the amazingly business-minded entertainment companies.

Since 1996, the commissioned Korean media began to report on the uniform color support of the lights in the audience, and related it to the cohesiveness and data power of the fans, which triggered the competition of fans.

The entertainment companies only set a 3-day online pre-sale. Then set on-site temporary purchase booths on the concert day, which will cost about 8 hours to queue. 

To target the hunger marketing of fan effect, which is the huge economic potential of idol fanlight.

What’s the different between normal and wireless controlled lightsticks?

Functionally, wireless controlled one can implement Bluetooth, APP, NFC Wallet, etc. 

Speaking of lighting effects, wireless controlled one can manual and wireless control colors and effects change, also can control it by phone APP. 

When it comes to using, wireless controlled light sticks can also be used as souvenirs, star merchandise, QR codes, tickets, NFC wallets, APPs, etc.

How many types of lightsticks?

·In terms of consumers, they divided into basic lightsticks and idol fanlights

·In terms of lighting effect, they divided into normal and wireless controlled lightsticks

·In terms of appearance, they divided into wristbands, sticks, idol fanlights, necklaces and headbands etc.

Who were your client?

Korean idols and idol groups. Click to go for more details

Why we need idol fanlights?

·Having a fanlight is the priority to prove you are a real fan

·See a concert without fanlight is go all that way for nothing

·Fanlights are an important medium for entertainment companies to collect fan data

Who will suitable for idol fanlight?

Entertainment companies who manage idols and idol groups

How important are wireless controlled lightsticks for a concert?

·Concert essential item. A concert without lighting effect have no soul

·Having a fanlight is the priority toprove you are a real fan

·See a concert without fanlight is go all that way for nothing

·Wireless controlled lightsticks are a new revenue for entertainment companies

·Fanlights are an important medium for entertainment companies to collect fan data