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Will you lease or buy lightsticks/wristband?

Buy   Lease

Expected performance time:

Year Month

How many quantities of performance will you have?

One time   Several times   A tour

Expected performance location

*Where will the concert be held?


*Please fill in your company.


*Please fill in your name.


*Please fill in your contact information, such as phone number.


*Please fill in your contact information, such as emali.


CW901: Leasable. Shell and battery lib printing available for customize.

CW902: Leasable. Shell printing available for customize.

CS903: Not leasable. The shape of acrylic part, acrylic and handle printing available for customize.

CS904: Leasable. PE printing available for customize.

CS905: Leasable. Glowing paper printing avalible for customize.

Customized item: If you have other needs or want for official fanlight, please click to go for the customized form.


<2,000      2,000~5,000      5,000~10,000      10,000~20,000      10,000~20,000     

Do you need lighting effect programming base on the song and performance Rundown?

YES      NO     

What kind of lighting effect do you want? (Multiple choice)

Global (All area change with gradient, breath, flame, starlight.)

Block (Partition change with gradient, breath, flame, starlight. simple graphic or logo in fixed position.)

Pixel (Partition change with gradient, breath, flame, starlight. fix and run simple graphic or logo.)

Do you need on-site Lighting execution team?

ROCKCELL On-site Executive Team:

-Lighting engineer: Lighting effect programming and rehearsal, performance operating

-Technical engineer: Software and hardware modification, site survey, equipment erection, signal debugging

-Executive director: Finalize the plan, monitor the scene, command rehearsal, performance


YES (Global Lighting Effect: Non-professional lighting engineers can operate by themselves. Provide RC Party Monster Console rental service.)

YES (Global+Block Lighting Effect: Required by professional lighting engineers. Provide RC Party Monster console rental services and technical support)

YES (Pixel Lighting Effect: Only allow ROCKCELL lighting personnel to operate.)


May I ask whether to provide transportation and catering accommodation for on-site lighting executives?

YES      NO     

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